How I Work with Families

Once a family contacts me, during the first session I meet with parents alone as part of a clinical interview to discuss the nature of their child’s difficulties, its progress, how they have dealt with it, their expectations as well as relevant background information.

Following the initial session with the parents, I meet with the child and use different assessment tools to get to know the child cognitively, socially and emotionally. Following this process, I give feedback to the parents about my observations, and the results of the assessments.

As I start the therapeutic process with the families, my main goal is to:

  • Support parents to prevent the further development of their problems,
  • Understand the child and finding the hidden message that they are trying to give us,
  • Help them find solutions to their existing difficulties.

I work collaboratively with parents and the child to agree upon goals and to establish an intervention plan. Parenting work is a crucial part of my practice. By focusing on parenting work which supports parents to better understand and manage their child’s behavior, my aim is to strengthen the parenting role and to help parents implement changes that benefit the whole family by using the above mentioned psychological tools.

I am available for families to reach me within 24 hours if they have any questions or emergencies about any issue that they would like to discuss.

I conduct assessments and therapy both in English and in Turkish.

I always feel grateful and touched by my families' stories and thank them for sharing their journeys with me since it has been a great learning experience.

I also appreciate each and every child together with all the parents who have supported me to become who I am today. It is through them that I have realized my dreams. They have inspired me greatly and continue to give me tremendous joy and the honor of making a difference in this world.