About Etel

My journey as a Clinical Psychologist started with a dream. I am an idealist who wished to become a Psychologist since I was 12 years old. As an adolescent continuing this passion, I always created strong bonds with children. Being available for others, providing support, creating even a small difference in someone else’s life has always made me tremendously happy.

My Professional Background

After I completed my bachelor’s degree in Psychology at Boğaziçi University, I continued my studies in Clinical Psychology in the US and completed my doctorate degree at Chicago School of Professional Psychology, which is an American Psychological Association (APA) accredited degree.

During my doctorate program, I completed my assessment practicum at Mile Square Community Mental Health Center, Chicago, my therapy externship at United Stand Family Counseling Center, Chicago and my internship at Jewish Child Care Association, New York . In these placements, I provided assessment and therapy to underserved children and their families from different ethnic backgrounds such as African - American, Hispanic and Asian as well as Caucasian.

My dissertation was about the effects of divorce on children. The results indicated that children who were raised in intact families who had high level of conflict had more difficulties while growing up than being raised in amicably divorced families.

Returning to Istanbul in 2003, I re-joined the Ekip Norma Razon team, the very reputable counselling center which I had initially started my journey in 1993.

In April 2005, I started my private practice in Istanbul, Turkey. Since January 2018, I have also established a private practice in London where I am registered with Health Care & Professional Council (HCPC) and work with diverse cultures and variety of emotional issues.

During all these years, I have completed several accredited programs and have continued to develop my practice in various areas of child psychology, play therapy and family therapy:

  • The Fundemental Level of Satir Model Based Family Therapy which is accredited by Satir Institute of the Pacific, Canada as well as by the European Family Therapy Association,
  • The Fundemental Level of Theraplay, which is a play therapy model,
  • Seminars about the Emotional and Developmental Issues of children.